How Your Child Can Make It In Hollywood

How Your Child Can Make It In Hollywood

If you are the parent of a child model, then there is every chance that you are dreaming of a career in Hollywood for your kid. What you may not know is that the work should start now, regardless

of the age of your child. An awful lot of things have to come together in order for any aspiring actor or actress to “make it” in Hollywood. Your child will have a fantastic head start if they already have a successful modeling career on their resume when they pack their bags and head off to the golden state.

So, what does any aspiring actor or actress need in order to better their chances in Hollywood, and how can a child modeling career help them?

Live In California. This one almost goes without saying, but if you want to make it Hollywood, then you are going to have to be in the thick of the action.

To a much lesser extent, something similar applies to child modeling. Many people will tell you that if you want your child to do well in modeling, you need to live in either New York or Hollywood. Whilst this isn’t the case, there is no doubt that there is more work available in the major cities, and especially Hollywood. If your child can build a resume and contacts local to Hollywood, it will help no end when they are looking to build an acting career.

Have A Great Resume. This is something that you can be working on from day one. Your child’s resume will grow as they do jobs. You will ultimately want these jobs to be relevant to a future acting career, so you should consider branching your child out into commercials, TV and of course film wherever possible. It is of course never too early for your child to make it in Hollywood!

In the meantime, your kid should be performing in community theatre, school theatre, and ultimately college theatre, and any other gigs in-between that are relevant.

When people are considered for acting roles, the first thing that is considered is their resume. This is step one. If you get step one right, then you move onto step two – auditions.

Be Great In Auditions. There is one main thing that will make your kid great in auditions – experience.

Consider the hopeful young actor-to-be who has just moved to Hollywood with aspirations to be the next big thing. He has never been in an audition in his life. How do you think he will fare?

Now imagine your child, who has practically grown up in auditions. It will be a piece of cake. All of the qualities that child modeling has taught your kid, like confidence and assertiveness, are vital to auditioning well. And because your child has had so much experience throughout their modeling career, they will be very well placed to nail auditions.

Be Talented. Too many people think you either “have it” or you don’t. This isn’t the case. What often makes a great actor or actress, believe it or not, is a love for one’s craft, and endless practice.

If your kid arrives in Hollywood having spent their childhood modeling and perhaps acting in commercials or maybe even TV, they will likely be pretty darn good at what they do. This will put them in great stead.

Know People. There is a very well-known phrase, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know”. All cynicism aside, there is a great deal of truth in those words.

If you arrive fresh in Hollywood, knowing where to start can be daunting. However, if you can build a network of contacts for your child during their career, you may already know the right people come the time when your kid wants to step up their ambitions.

So whenever you are working on your child’s modeling career, be sure that you are networking and getting to know all the right people. You never know how much this may benefit them in the future.

Be Persistent. Even the most successful child model will know all about rejection, and will likely understand that more often than not, it’s a numbers game. The mindset that each rejection simply brings you closer to the next paying job and the next step up is extremely useful, and is something that your child may already have inbuilt.

There is no doubt about it – “making it” in Hollywood is one hell of a tough gig. But if your child persists and has talent, it can be done.

Regardless of the age of your child, they can be working towards a future Hollywood career right now. In aspiring to such things, balance should always be considered. There is every chance that your kid will not reach the dizzying heights they aspire to, and you need to make sure that their goals are considered with realism in mind.

Having said that, nothing is gained by wishing something would happen – you have to make it happen. And in pursuing a successful modeling career as a child, your kid will be well placed to have a future career in Hollywood.


How Your Child Model Can Make It In Hollywood

By Thomas Ewer

Tom Ewer is the owner of Modeling For Kids – an exhaustive resource for advice relating to child modeling. If you would like to know any more about child modeling then be sure to visit his site.

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