How to Become a Teen Model

How to Become a Teen Model

Teen modeling is getting more and more in demand today than ever before and believe it or not, many parents want their teens to become models.

There are many promotions that require the youthful look and energy that teenagers possess, especially advertisements for food products and mod fashion clothing. Have you ever noticed how many magazines there are on the shelves that cater to teenage lifestyle?

So, if you are a male or female teen eagerly longing to become a model with your parent’s support, you may find that applying for a top list modeling job is simpler than you thought.

But first, there is much you need to know about entering the entertainment industry.

5 Tidbits Of Advice For Aspiring Teen Models

1. Get A Professional Portfolio

A good portfolio of pictures is a must for all teen models no matter if you are applying to Elite, Ford or one of your local talent agencies. And, it’s an essential key to becoming successful in the modeling world. When shooting your portfolio, get creative by giving the photographer different looks, facial expressions and poses.

Also, keep adding new photographs to your portfolio as you mature with age.

2. Strive To Stay Healthy

Another very important factor for teenagers entering this profession is to take very good care of your body by eating healthy and exercising regularly. Modeling requires a lot of mental and physical activity so it would be a good idea to take daily doses of multi vitamins (with your doctors advice) along with a proper diet. Also, don’t forget taking care of your teeth, skin and hair. Talent agents notice all these things so you should too!

3. Act Like A Professional

Always work in a professional manner when posing for photographers or when talking with agents so others will know that you respect them and especially yourself. Always be on time for a photo shoot or interview. Never cancel unless you have a very good reason. If you have to cancel give sufficient notice.

4. Be Aware Of Model Scams

Yes, believe it or not there are scam artists in the modeling world no matter if you are a teenager or adult, male or female, so be very cautious when choosing your portfolio photographer or agency. If you have the height and weight requirements to walk the catwalk in NYC with IMG or other industry giants, you don’t have to worry as much.

But, going local is a totally different story. Get one of your parents to find out all the information they can before you make an appointment with these local talent scouts or before going to any assignments.

5. Listen To Your Parents

Since you are still most likely a minor, you will need the proper supervision to make the right choices in a teen modeling career. Always take your parents advice when choosing portfolio photographers and setting up photo shoots. NEVER go alone to casting calls or picture sessions. Never meet anyone without taking someone with you. Safety First!!

Parents, do not let your teenagers get too involved with modeling and forget about their everyday responsibilities like school work. A good education is necessary in case they decide not to pursue working in entertainment at a later date.

A final thought — If you are really serious about entering into the teenagers modeling arena, listen to this advice and who knows, maybe one day your dream of becoming a top list teen model will come true.

How to Become a Teen Model

By Bob Pardue

Bob Pardue is a professional teenage model portfolio photographer located in the Southeastern USA. His work has been published in numerous magazines, brochures and school textbooks. Get even professional modeling tips for teenagers by going now to get started as a model.

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