Child Modeling – The Key is A Great Parent

Child Modeling – The Key is A Great Parent

Everyone from industry insiders to well-meaning friends and relatives will tell you that the child modeling and acting world is very competitive. This is true. BUT, there are absolutely things that
you can do to give your child the edge and open the door for them to an exciting and hopefully lucrative new world.

And here’s one of the key things you should know…
Children with great parents are at a real advantage!
The truth is, a parent can enhance or ruin a child’s chances to break into modeling and acting.
So what makes a great industry parent?

  •  An easy-going but focused personality
  •  Lots of patience
  •  Good organizational skills
  •  The ability to get along well with lots of different types of people
  •  A mind open to suggestions and able to be objective about their child
  •  An involved, loving, positive attitude
  •  A watchful and calm presence who can stay firmly in the background

Usually a full-time parent at home works best. If that isn’t an option, there must be a reliable adult who is ready and able to ferry the child to auditions and bookings on very short notice.

Stage parents ar a huge red flag to agents and clients. If agents get any sense when interviewing a new child that the parent will be overbearing, they won’t sign the child no matter how wonderful she is.

If your a parent’s personality tends to be on the controlling, helicopter-parent side, try to incorporate a more positive, less off-putting attitude. Once you find trustworthy professionals to work with (And you’ll know how to find them after this course!) you need to step back and let them do your job.

Child Modeling – The Key is A Great Parent

by Chandra Bourne

About the author: Chandra Bourne opened Cast Images Talent Agency in 1991 after working as a professional model in San Francisco, Paris, Milan and Tokyo. She has helped hundreds of actors and models get their start in the industry and works daily as a top talent agent. Cast Images was recently honored with being voted Northern California’s Favorite Talent Agency and books children regularly for tv commercials, feature films and print ads.

She is also the author of Inside Child Modeling, the internet’s most comprehensive, informative and truthful e-book ever written about the secrets to success in the child modeling industry. It’s smart, fun, and filled with shortcuts and insights you won’t find anywhere else–either in bookstores or online. Visit the website at []

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